Tesla Model Y Benchmarking

Tesla Model Y

One of America’s biggest automakers General Motors appears to be gearing up to compete in the electric vehicle race, as recent spy photos indicate GM can be seen benchmarking the Tesla Model Y in preparation for developing its own all-electric crossovers.

Benchmarking vehicles is a very common practise amongst automakers. Companies generally carry out such tests to ensure its vehicles are within range of the competition. If GM hopes to become a leading player it will have to compete directly with the likes of Tesla.

There are around 30 GM electric vehicles planned for launch by 2025. With crossovers currently being one of the more popular vehicle types today, it is no surprise that many of the planned EV’s are crossovers. Including the Blazer EV, the Equinox EV and the Lyriq.

In light of this, it was no surprise when spy photos revealed GM was benchmarking a Tesla Model Y. It was also noted that stickers placed on the Model Y’s bumper confirmed the vehicle is indeed being used for benchmarking. 

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